• We are not an ad-agency.

    We are the online brand-managers for our clients. We fully absorb the DNA of the brand and the expectations of your customers, before we even touch your brand. It is easy to get carried away with a novel idea, but at no point do we let ourselves lose sight of the end-objective. We understand that good advertisement is much more than beautiful creative.

  • What We Can Do

    • Website, Microsite Designing

    • Banners, Rich-media banners

    • Adwords, PPC Campaigns

    • Social Media campaigns, Apps

    • Analytics

    • Content Creation

    • Logo Designing

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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  • Integrated Online Campaigns

    Who are the people that matter to me? What am I to them? What would I like to be to them? How do I reach out to them? How do I make them sit-up and take notice of me? How do I get them talking about me? These are some of the questions that brands, like people, need to have sorted out for them.


    At brandstweet, we help brands find out the right answers for themselves. And then we go a step forward and do what it takes to live them - on the world wide web. Why online? Because we know it in & out. Because it gives you control like no other medium. Because it is the voice (& ears) of the new world.


    Internet Marketing has many more options than any other media, and new technology keeps introducing newer ways to engage with customers. Here is an indicative list of services that we excel at:

  • Online Identity

    Be everywhere your customer is likely to be, and be consistent. Because when you hear the same tune 20-times, you soon find yourself humming it!


    At brandstweet, we develop a deep understanding of your brand positioning and your target customers to create an Online Identity for your brand which is consistent with your positioning. We build websites which reflect your personality and engage your visitors. We create your facebook profile, post content which is in sync with your brand personality and create apps to engage customers. We create your customized twitter page and ensure active following. We manage your linked-in profile keeping in mind the intended visitors. We create content for your blogs that speak in your language.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is the most important of all our solutions. Internet places limitless power in our hands with the various analysis tools it offers. Brands can learn about their customers and their behavior, gauge the effectiveness of a campaign, use targeted advertising, increase conversion or drive sales.